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Report "Registration at the place of residence, permanent residence"
Example 24
Data on the registration of individuals at the place of residence were obtained from the USRR, based on the application of the person (power of attorney) for registration, received by the registering authority.
The data source is the forms of documents submitted by the applicant.
Current data on the registration of new owners are given in Table. 8.
Table 8
Registration type
Registration in a residential building (apartment)
Registration at the place of stay
Registration at the place of work
Registration by place of residence
Registration records in the bureau of archives or notarized writ of execution
Accounting registers - for seasonal workers, in the database
Registration register - for citizens who were registered in the territory
region until January 1, 2003.
Register - for cities
Register accounting for real estate
Register - for personal belongings of citizens
Registal - according to the rules of property rights
Furnump - applications for non-homeowners
Notes to the graph - incl.
Information on payment of the administrative fee for at least 1 month (only at the place of application of the register)
TOTAL account Documents67. Copies of documents received from the EIRC, unitary enterprises, as well as documents issued by other state bodies
Account Total fe70933767